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CC the Allmighty
that cc chick
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I'm not really sure how I should be introducing myself so I'll tell you what others have said about me.

• "This one will act like she's drunk but she really isn't."
• "You're weird and annoying but people still like you."
• "CC's life is theatre."

ActivitiesTheatre, Music, Singing, Hanging Out With Friends, Interneting, Hair Dyeing

Favorite Bands: the GazettE, An Cafe, The Clash, Green Day, Meg & Dia, Sadie, Nightmare, SHINee, The Sex Pistols, Super Junior, Big Bang, Cute Is What We Aim For, Screw, Ellegarden, Metric, Miyavi, DBSK

Favorite Shows/Movies: Nana, InuYasha (don't shoot me :P), Important Things With Demetri Martin, Charlie Bartlett, Wayne's World, Star Wars, Young Frankenstein

I'm CC. I'm a proud vegitarian (soon to be vegan), jrock fan, and a hair dye abuser. I'm outgoing, fun and am a big theatre kid. Feel free to talk to me, I love people :3