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27th-Dec-2009 12:37 am - Intro/FO

This is a Friends Only ship I'm running here. But I'm a friendly person, so leave a comment here, and I'll add you back^^ 

★I post about life (which is theatre<33) and music. Mostly.
★I do spam sometimes.
★I am an emoticon whore :P

Name CC
Age 15
Loves Theatre, Visual Kei, People, Computers, Phones, Dance Parties (HA!), Hair
Music An Cafe, Sadie, Meg&Dia, Super Junior, Ellegarden, Metric, LM.C, Wonder Girls, the GazettE, Regina Spektor, Evanescence, SHINee, The Darkness, Anna Tsuchiya, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Mika, Big Bang, Bo Burnham, ScReW, The Sex Pistols, v(NEU), Hawthorne Heights, SuG, 2NE1, Metro Station, Miyavi, DBSK
Anime/Manga Nana, InuYasha, Death Note, Vampire Knight, D.N.Angel, Furuba, Bizenghast, Beauty Pop
TV Important Things With Demetri Martin, That 70's Show, and really really bad reality shows

24th-Jun-2009 10:37 am(no subject)
Sorry I've been so dead...

I switch journals, you can find me here:
29th-Mar-2009 12:21 pm - NEW HAIR!
∆So the other day, mom told me that I was getting my hair cut. And I was like, "cool". This is what I got.Collapse )
∆Ordered some converse for $20 that are new. Like, from the website. OMG RESONABLY PRICED CONVERSE :3
∆I AM GOING TO BE IN A COMERCAL. A lady wanted to have Girl's Shakespeare in a commercial for something she's running for. IMMA STAR, BB. XP
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